Friday, February 23, 2007


We all know about services to offer edited R-rated movies to those who believe that watching such a movie in its native state is somehow sinful. I'm just curious... if some religion could go beyond editing scenes to changing content, would they?


...and I do hope you'll be careful with the newest prototypes double oh seven.

Such as?

Look, an ordinary communion wafer.

A COMMUNION HOST is held up. Q expertly throws it from this fingers across the lab, where it slices the head off a MANNEQUIN

Carbon fiber reinforcements with speed sensitive nano-mesch. Deadly at a range of 30 meters, or approximately 45 rows of pews.

He certainly seems closer to God now.

Do try to be serious. Now this I'm particularly proud of:

He holds up a WINE bottle

It looks like ordinary communion wine, but working through the same principles as transubstantiation, it becomes C-4.

[takes bottle, opens it] This should certainly provide a real presence at parties [sniffs] 1964 Chembertin? An acceptable vintage...

Oh, do try and grow up sometime double oh seven.


You know, I think they would.

Thursday, February 22, 2007


It is unnerving when a peel of thunder booms through the plaza on a sunny day.

CURRENT LOCATION: Opera song has Mr. Luthor and Egyptian library location (10).

Update: Apparently I'm not the only one.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The Temple of Google I

...In which we type complex questions into Google, hit the "I Feel Lucky" button, and use the first sentence of what we see as an answer. Click the question mark to verify the query, though Page Ranks may have changed since this was originally posted.

How can a God that is all-loving and good allow for evil?
This is an essay I have been working on , references to follow, as soon as I can get them all together. (Link)

Well, why's it taking so long for you to get your references together?
A computer science graduate school survival guide, intended for prospective or novice graduate students. (Link)

Are you telling me that Google is just a grad student trying to get a CS Doctorate?
Despite the fact that it was only a year or two ago that I was blubbering about how rich Windows GUI clients were the wave of the future, college students nonetheless do occasionally email me asking for career advice, and since it's recruiting season, I thought I'd write up my standard advice which they can read, laugh at, and ignore. (Link)

Do you not have much confidence in your own answers?
If this is accurate, sign me as the first volunteer for Kasich for Governor. (Link)

Okay Google, is there a search engine a little less frazzled than you are?
Teenage soccer sensation Wayne Rooney has just signed a six year contract with Manchester United for over $69million. (Link)

I'll give him a call then.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Begin the Begin

For various reasons, today is the right day for me to start this thing up for real. It's not ready, but that's all the more incentive for me to get it ready. The paint needs work, I've got to knock out a few walls, but then we'll have a suitable space.

ExperienceD is intended to be the place for my non-soccer writings. While frequently I've found that I can channel most of my impulses into The DCenters, there are always a few square pegs that won't get sanded down into something soccer related. This will be the place for all of that. However, anything even tangentially on the topic of soccer will go up over at The DCenters, and not here.

Everything else is fair game for me to talk about or readers (if there are any) to ask about. Well, almost anything: I will not be directly discussing anything to do with my employment situation here. That just seems to cause problems for people, and I have no desire to tempt fate. That being said, since I do enjoy puzzles, you'll probably find the occasional tidbit here and there to pretty much construct my entire life. Which is fine with me.

I think most people write personal blogs in the hope that people they want to have sex with will read the blog and be so impressed with the quality of the prose that they'll instantly swoon. This is not my major concern, but it is interesting to note. Swooning is an acceptable reaction. Swoon away.

Posting frequency is not likely to be daily, but I hope for something more than weekly. As these things happen, they'll happen.

TODAY: Crazy hybrid at February 20th for D (8).